I’m Lou!

I’m a Filipino Graphic Designer and Marketing Designer based in Orange County.

Design Work

  1. Scope - Design Show
  2. Mechanicon 2023
  3. Eric Bell Jazz Album
  4. Catch of the Day Packaging
  5. Moxi Skate Poster
  6. Space Studio Packaging
  7. Shinzo No Tobira Album



Archived Work


Archived Work

Converse Ad Campaign

Advertisement, Print | 2022

The goal was to create an ad campaign, focusing on one specific aspect from a brand of our choice. I chose Converse, who is mainly known for their Chuck Taylor line, so I wanted to create a campaign that highlighted their other shoe collections.

Vodka Alcohol Packaging

Packaging, Branding | 2022

This bottle design was heavily inspired by Filipino Mango Culture, specifically the “Manggahan Fest” in the Philippines, which is a festival meant to celebrate bountiful harvest.

NutPods Coffee Creamer Packaging

Packaging, Branding | 2021

This was a rebranding for the NutPods Coffee Creamer company, as well as a redesign of their coffee creamer package. The inspiration was the healthy ingredients used in this creamer, with two main ingredients - Coconut & Almonds.