Louise (Lou) is a Digital Marketing Designer based in Orange County, California with more than 5+ years of experience in the Marketing Industry. She is currently working for Bassman Blaine,Inc., a multifaceted home furnishings corporation, where she specializes in creating content for premium home furnishing brands such as Phillips Collection, Noir Furniture, Lazzoni, and more.



Design Work

  1. Scope - Design Show
  2. Mechanicon 2023
  3. Eric Bell Jazz Album
  4. Catch of the Day Packaging
  5. Space Studio Packaging
  6. IBM Plex Type Specimen

Marketing Work

Case Studies

  1. Star Alliance Airline App Research
  2. Car Interface Study
  3. Mark Schneider Social Media Proposal


HEB Cat Treat Packaging

Client: HEB & Hill Country Fair
Scope of Project: Packaging

November 2021

This project involved designing a high-tier packaging product for HEB and a mid-tier packaging product for Hill Country Fair. The goal of the project is to create a package that would stand out from the others on and off the shelf.