I’m Lou!

I’m a Filipino Graphic Designer and Marketing Designer based in Orange County.

Design Work

  1. Scope - Design Show
  2. Mechanicon 2023
  3. Eric Bell Jazz Album
  4. Catch of the Day Packaging
  5. Moxi Skate Poster
  6. Space Studio Packaging
  7. Shinzo No Tobira Album



Archived Work


Mechanicon 2023

Client: Mechanicon
Scope of Project: Print, Typography, 3D

March 2023

Mechanicon is Europe’s biggest meet-up for people who are interested in Mechanical Keyboards. Enthusiasts get together to showcase their different keyboard builds, meet other people in the hobby, as well as view other peoples builds. It’s open to anybody, and is a great way to learn about different methods of building, different materials, and so on.

Experimental Drafts

Featured below are different experimental compositions for the Mechanicon event, playing around with different styles and typography. From handmade type, to 3D type.